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Marketing Resources & Results is available for video meetings.

Benefits of Communicating Via Video Meetings

Communicating Via Video

Communicating via video meetings has many benefits

Marketing Resources & Results is available for video meetings.

Marketing Resources & Results is ready and available for communicating via video meetings. We have accounts in Zoom, Duo and FB Messenger to allow us to meet virtually to discuss projects as needed. This virtual meeting allows for screen sharing, presentations, even white board visual aids, as well as seeing each other.

I believe that the business world is going to keep working communicating via video call. The benefits are enormous!

1) no travel time to commute
2) you’re not far away from all your files – both computer and hard copy
3) you can read the other person’s nonverbal communication pretty well
4) Easy to invite software takes the guess work out of finding an unfamiliar address.
5) Recording can make note taking even easier if that is important to the call.
6) You can pass notes to “colleagues under the table” via the chat feature
7) Setting up a separate account with another computer allows you to keep your face visible to rest of meeting when you share the presentation screen.
8) Some sharing platforms allow you to store docs and to do lists right in the same software.

It takes a little getting used to, but hey, so did instant messaging, email, cell phones and texting.

I think communicating via video meetings is here to stay. Comments? Send a message or call.

Marketing firms in Ohio

Marketing Firms in Ohio

Marketing firms in OhioMarketing Resources & Results will be celebrating 23 years of serving clients from Northeast Ohio. During that time, I’ve found that there are many types of marketing firms in Ohio.

  • SEO focused
  • CRM focused
  • General marketing firms
  • Graphics central marketing firms
  • Copy heavy
  • Research only
  • Advertising – from print to digital
  • Great at planning… or great at execution or not great at either
  • Very expensive, very cheap
  • Flim Flam unethical
  • And salt of the earth honest

How do you know about  which kind you are hiring?

Most potential clients want to see your portfolio. Smart ones look up who you are connected to on LinkedIn and ask around. Some clients want to see if there is chemistry between you. Others only care if you have a low hourly rate.

I like clients that do a little bit of looking into our experience, reputation and meet with us in person. Then they start out with a project. You see, I’ve found that there are great ways to have a client work well with the team and other clients where I wished I had bid the job higher for the pain in the neck factor.

We have an outstanding reputation with clients inside Ohio, but we are not as well known outside of Northeast Ohio.

Some of our  clients came to us from outside of NE Ohio because of the value we provide as one of the leading marketing firms in Ohio.  The work that those clients receive for the price they pay is amazing to them… a super great value… and even more so if they are located in an expensive city or on the east/west coast.

Midwest Values. High Quality Work. Experienced Service.

Interested in seeing if we are a fit? Call or email to arrange a free consultation.


Marketing Consultant Presents Trade Show Workshop For Sales and Marketing Professionals

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Marketing Consultant Chris Brown will present “Trade Show Workshop: Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals” on Saturday January 9, 2016 from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the conference room at the Braewick Professional Buildings 2106 Braewick Circle, Akron.

“Attending a trade show can bring positive results, new contacts, added customers and increased market share for a company,” said Chris Brown, president of Marketing Resources & Results, Inc. “But exhibiting at a trade show can be intimidating, expensive and a bit overwhelming. This workshop will guide sales and marketing professionals to confidently achieve their best trade show results.”

In this workshop, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

  • How to cost effectively create an inviting atmosphere for their exhibit
  • How to leverage the existing materials to multiply your marketing effectiveness
  • How to use 3 of the highest impact tools of the show that are available to everyone, but exhibitors rarely use them
  • How to smoothly introduce yourself, your company, and your new products to attract new customers
  • Workshop attendees will find that they’ll be able to attract, influence, persuade, connect, and ultimately convert that prospect into a customer.

The trade show workshop includes a workbook with frequently asked exhibitor questions, a trade show attack plan and a checklist.

Workshop attendees will find that they’ll be able to attract, influence, persuade, connect, and ultimately convert that prospect into a customer.

“I feel so strongly about this, I’ve created some powerful tools to help trade show exhibitors. In my book, SIMPLE STEPS, BIG RESULTS, I devote a whole chapter to Trade Shows. And now I’ve pulled out part of that chapter and developed a 28-page workbook to pair it with this two-hour trade show workshop where I will share all the secrets of a successful show,” explained Brown.

Whether your goal is to introduce a new product, connect with potential customers or simply reconnect with existing customers… this workshop will help you to confidently have your best trade show.

Space is limited. Click here to sign up before the end of the year to get a 15% early bird discount.

About Chris Brown, Workshop Leader

The first 14 years of her career was in the toy industry, which revolved around toy fair in New York City.

At Hasbro, we’d create a world environment for each brand with set designers, write scripts for hired actors to perform and present the positioning, features, launch date, promotional plans and pricing of each item – ultimately bringing in close to a billion dollars of results each year. At Little Tikes, we created a showroom to present our annual 52 new products to the buyers. Smaller numbers, but still resulting in millions of dollars of orders.

After she traded in her employee hat in the toy industry to become a full-time marketing consultant, she works with small businesses, helping more than 75 companies to reach their sales and marketing goals. Most of the clients she helps do not have those huge multi-million dollar budgets. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs where every penny counts.

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