Communicating Via Video

Communicating via video meetings has many benefits

Marketing Resources & Results is available for video meetings.

Marketing Resources & Results is ready and available for communicating via video meetings. We have accounts in Zoom, Duo and FB Messenger to allow us to meet virtually to discuss projects as needed. This virtual meeting allows for screen sharing, presentations, even white board visual aids, as well as seeing each other.

I believe that the business world is going to keep working communicating via video call. The benefits are enormous!

1) no travel time to commute
2) you’re not far away from all your files – both computer and hard copy
3) you can read the other person’s nonverbal communication pretty well
4) Easy to invite software takes the guess work out of finding an unfamiliar address.
5) Recording can make note taking even easier if that is important to the call.
6) You can pass notes to “colleagues under the table” via the chat feature
7) Setting up a separate account with another computer allows you to keep your face visible to rest of meeting when you share the presentation screen.
8) Some sharing platforms allow you to store docs and to do lists right in the same software.

It takes a little getting used to, but hey, so did instant messaging, email, cell phones and texting.

I think communicating via video meetings is here to stay. Comments? Send a message or call.