Marketing firms in OhioMarketing Resources & Results will be celebrating 23 years of serving clients from Northeast Ohio. During that time, I’ve found that there are many types of marketing firms in Ohio.

  • SEO focused
  • CRM focused
  • General marketing firms
  • Graphics central marketing firms
  • Copy heavy
  • Research only
  • Advertising – from print to digital
  • Great at planning… or great at execution or not great at either
  • Very expensive, very cheap
  • Flim Flam unethical
  • And salt of the earth honest

How do you know about  which kind you are hiring?

Most potential clients want to see your portfolio. Smart ones look up who you are connected to on LinkedIn and ask around. Some clients want to see if there is chemistry between you. Others only care if you have a low hourly rate.

I like clients that do a little bit of looking into our experience, reputation and meet with us in person. Then they start out with a project. You see, I’ve found that there are great ways to have a client work well with the team and other clients where I wished I had bid the job higher for the pain in the neck factor.

We have an outstanding reputation with clients inside Ohio, but we are not as well known outside of Northeast Ohio.

Some of our  clients came to us from outside of NE Ohio because of the value we provide as one of the leading marketing firms in Ohio.  The work that those clients receive for the price they pay is amazing to them… a super great value… and even more so if they are located in an expensive city or on the east/west coast.

Midwest Values. High Quality Work. Experienced Service.

Interested in seeing if we are a fit? Call or email to arrange a free consultation.