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Award-Winning Branding & Marketing Blog Reaches over 10,000 Subscribers

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Branding and Marketing, an award-winning online publication with the latest information on branding strategies and marketing tactics,  passed 10,000 subscribers worldwide in September of 2011. Readers subscribe with email or with an RSS feed to automatically get new articles sent to them from the blog.

2016 Branding and Marketing blog icon“Reaching 10,000 subscribers is a real milestone,” said Chris Brown, publisher of the marketing blog. “When I started the online publication in 2006, it was as the company blog for Marketing Resources & Results, because I knew there were many sales and marketing professionals looking for insights into the ever-changing world of marketing.”

The readership demographics of Branding & Marketing, as measured by Quantcast, is split almost equally between men and women, most with a graduate school education, over the age of 35 and earning a salary of more than $100,000 per year.

This regularly updated online marketing resource contains over 950 articles offering insights on branding, launching new products and marketing services to attract new customers. Branding & Marketing has hundreds of articles dealing with aspects of marketing strategies to effectively reach target customers for business professionals who are responsible for branding and marketing functions in their company.

“As the economy has begun to improve, business professionals are looking for information, tools and techniques to effectively brand and market their businesses,” said Brown. “Like many marketers who use blogging for lead generation, I’ve also found that the blog is one of the leading ways potential clients find our company’s website.”

Marketing Consultant Presents Trade Show Workshop For Sales and Marketing Professionals

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Marketing Consultant Chris Brown will present “Trade Show Workshop: Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals” on Saturday January 9, 2016 from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the conference room at the Braewick Professional Buildings 2106 Braewick Circle, Akron.

“Attending a trade show can bring positive results, new contacts, added customers and increased market share for a company,” said Chris Brown, president of Marketing Resources & Results, Inc. “But exhibiting at a trade show can be intimidating, expensive and a bit overwhelming. This workshop will guide sales and marketing professionals to confidently achieve their best trade show results.”

In this workshop, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

  • How to cost effectively create an inviting atmosphere for their exhibit
  • How to leverage the existing materials to multiply your marketing effectiveness
  • How to use 3 of the highest impact tools of the show that are available to everyone, but exhibitors rarely use them
  • How to smoothly introduce yourself, your company, and your new products to attract new customers
  • Workshop attendees will find that they’ll be able to attract, influence, persuade, connect, and ultimately convert that prospect into a customer.

The trade show workshop includes a workbook with frequently asked exhibitor questions, a trade show attack plan and a checklist.

Workshop attendees will find that they’ll be able to attract, influence, persuade, connect, and ultimately convert that prospect into a customer.

“I feel so strongly about this, I’ve created some powerful tools to help trade show exhibitors. In my book, SIMPLE STEPS, BIG RESULTS, I devote a whole chapter to Trade Shows. And now I’ve pulled out part of that chapter and developed a 28-page workbook to pair it with this two-hour trade show workshop where I will share all the secrets of a successful show,” explained Brown.

Whether your goal is to introduce a new product, connect with potential customers or simply reconnect with existing customers… this workshop will help you to confidently have your best trade show.

Space is limited. Click here to sign up before the end of the year to get a 15% early bird discount.

About Chris Brown, Workshop Leader

The first 14 years of her career was in the toy industry, which revolved around toy fair in New York City.

At Hasbro, we’d create a world environment for each brand with set designers, write scripts for hired actors to perform and present the positioning, features, launch date, promotional plans and pricing of each item – ultimately bringing in close to a billion dollars of results each year. At Little Tikes, we created a showroom to present our annual 52 new products to the buyers. Smaller numbers, but still resulting in millions of dollars of orders.

After she traded in her employee hat in the toy industry to become a full-time marketing consultant, she works with small businesses, helping more than 75 companies to reach their sales and marketing goals. Most of the clients she helps do not have those huge multi-million dollar budgets. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs where every penny counts.

Mobile Friendly Website Offers Responsive Results for Easier Reading

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Marketing Resources & Results recently launched a new, responsive website for a professional service firm from Cleveland recently that uses the WordPress content management system.

In April 2015 Google revised its algorithm to return search results on mobile phones from sites that were responsive and looked good on desktops, tablets, and all phones.

“Trying to anticipate the next browser option is almost impossible,” explained Chris Brown, president of Marketing Resources & Results, Inc. “But if the website is not built for mobile and is responsive to the browser, people can’t read the content and Google doesn’t want to serve up search engine results that are less than what is expected.”

This has caused many businesses and manufacturers to look for ways to redo their website cost effectively with great functionality. WordPress also allows them to easily modify the content because of its open source software. By making responsive websites launched using WordPress, the clients get the best of both worlds.


Website seen on an iPhone

17 in monitor

Website as seen on a 17 inch monitor.

Mobile Friendy Websites

The moble friendly websites are preferred for more than just the search engines. Those that use smartphones, both android or iPhones, find it much easier to see and navigate a mobile friendly, responsive website.

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