Branding and Marketing, an award-winning online publication with the latest information on branding strategies and marketing tactics,  passed 10,000 subscribers worldwide in September of 2011. Readers subscribe with email or with an RSS feed to automatically get new articles sent to them from the blog.

2016 Branding and Marketing blog icon“Reaching 10,000 subscribers is a real milestone,” said Chris Brown, publisher of the marketing blog. “When I started the online publication in 2006, it was as the company blog for Marketing Resources & Results, because I knew there were many sales and marketing professionals looking for insights into the ever-changing world of marketing.”

The readership demographics of Branding & Marketing, as measured by Quantcast, is split almost equally between men and women, most with a graduate school education, over the age of 35 and earning a salary of more than $100,000 per year.

This regularly updated online marketing resource contains over 950 articles offering insights on branding, launching new products and marketing services to attract new customers. Branding & Marketing has hundreds of articles dealing with aspects of marketing strategies to effectively reach target customers for business professionals who are responsible for branding and marketing functions in their company.

“As the economy has begun to improve, business professionals are looking for information, tools and techniques to effectively brand and market their businesses,” said Brown. “Like many marketers who use blogging for lead generation, I’ve also found that the blog is one of the leading ways potential clients find our company’s website.”