Marketing Resources & Results recently launched a new, responsive website for a professional service firm from Cleveland recently that uses the WordPress content management system.

In April 2015 Google revised its algorithm to return search results on mobile phones from sites that were responsive and looked good on desktops, tablets, and all phones.

“Trying to anticipate the next browser option is almost impossible,” explained Chris Brown, president of Marketing Resources & Results, Inc. “But if the website is not built for mobile and is responsive to the browser, people can’t read the content and Google doesn’t want to serve up search engine results that are less than what is expected.”

This has caused many businesses and manufacturers to look for ways to redo their website cost effectively with great functionality. WordPress also allows them to easily modify the content because of its open source software. By making responsive websites launched using WordPress, the clients get the best of both worlds.


Website seen on an iPhone

17 in monitor

Website as seen on a 17 inch monitor.

Mobile Friendy Websites

The moble friendly websites are preferred for more than just the search engines. Those that use smartphones, both android or iPhones, find it much easier to see and navigate a mobile friendly, responsive website.